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I've got to see a number of hands in the air to tell me I'm not alone! Tell me, how many of you still give Christmas lists? Don't be shy! I had thought then when I met my husband 10 years ago that the days of writing out a list for Santa would be over, but lo and behold, every year my husband asks me for a list at the same time we get one from the little one. In the pasts, my lists have been quite expensive err... extensive. This year though, I've trimmed down my list, not going over $200 for a single item with most under $30! I'm so proud.

This year, if you're thinking about what you might like to see under the tree, I'm sharing my list with you. On a note, I definitely do not expect Mr. That's So Crystal to make all of these items appear under the tree and I definitely tell him every single year that I would be happy with just a kiss and a smile on Christmas morning, provided he brushes his teeth first! But, ya know, we all have dreams! xoxo

So, what about you? What are you hoping to see on Christmas morning? As always, thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow! xoxo

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