The Best Nude Nail Polish

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Picking out my favourite nude/blush/barely there polishes was easy peasy. Why? Because these are tried and true polishes that I repurchase every spring when I ditch the rich colours from winter and fall. If you follow my blog you have probably seen at least one or two of these before, but I thought I would do you a favour and put them all in one spot for your reading pleasure! Aren't you just chuffed to bits, I know I am! Why don't we start with the Essie Cashmere Matte in the collection and go clockwise?

1. In general, the Essie Cashmere Mattes were kind of a bleh release for me last year. Yes, I love neutrals, but I just didn't love these polishes. They were pretty streaky, looked chalky {yes, I know they are mattes, but come on}, and just seemed to be a shade off from perfect. However, I did fall in love with Wrap Me Up. It's a gorgeous not quite white, not quite nude, not quite pink colour that somehow still looks white, nude, and pink. Quite the conundrum there.

2. Essie Spin the Bottle is my all time favourite nail polish, hands down. No lie, if someone came into my bathroom with a hammer and told me I could save one polish and the rest would be destroyed, this would be the polish I would rescue. It is the perfect creamy formula that somehow still has depth to it, even being a nude. You can go with two coats and skip a base and top coat while still avoiding chipping for a few days. But if you go all out with a full on mani, this polish will last you! Of course you can also check out my full on review of it!

3. One coat, it's your nails but better. Two coats and we are talking perfect opaque blush. If you haven't tried OPI Bubble Bath, you need to get yourself in the car and drive to Target and pick one up. Out of the four polishes I'm sharing with you today, this one is the most versatile and probably the second polish I would rescue if the nail polish smasher was feeling merciful. Besides the gorgeous blush colour which is honestly the colour of spring, this polish performs better than the Essie choices as it can be worn sheered out or built up. Oh and it's fast drying!

4. So, I might have an obsession with English royalty. Hello, I grew up in the late 90's when Prince William was the guy every girl my age wanted to marry. Now, why am I admitting this and aging myself when we are talking about nail polish? Well, let me tell you why... It's rumoured that Prince William's dear grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the 2nd only wears Essie Ballet Slippers on her nails. And if you have used or tried this polish before you know why. Ballet Slippers is possibly the most elegant nail polish colour on the market. It is the perfect pale, nude pink. However, while it is in my list of favourites I must say that this polish is a pain in the ass to get right. I have completely given up trying to get this polish perfect as it's quite streaky and takes a lot of coats to build up which then takes hours to dry. I now simply take this polish with me when I go to the nail salon and let them work it out. Bam! Perfect pale pink nails!

Hopefully within the next week or so I will be adding a new polish to this list. Butter London has just released their Sheer Wisdom Tinted Nail Moisturizer. Apparently it's an all in one nail polish slash nail treatment that's supposed to not only strengthen and prevent damage as well as make your nails look like ten shades of perfect. I do of course have my doubts that it will deliver but I am intrigued enough to find out!

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