It's still hard for me to believe I'm in my 30's. Somehow, every morning when I wake up and before I look in the mirror, I imagine that I'm still in my early twenties with nary a wrinkle, blemish, or dark circle in sight. In my head, my pores are nonexistent and my skin still has that porceline quality to it that my husband admired so much when he first met me. But then, I stumble out of bed, bang my toes on the baby swing next to me and shuffle my way to the sink to rinse the sleep out of my eyes. And then it happens, I look in the mirror and am shocked at what I see. Where in the H did those crows feet come from by my eyes? Why does my skin look all flaky and dry and scaly? And when in the history of my life did my skin become unevenly coloured and pores the size of the Grand Canyon appear?

In my effort to combat the process of aging I've become a bit obsessed with skincare. I've purchased several different cleansers, exfoliants, night creams, day creams, vitamin-c serums, retinols, toners, tonics, mists, and balms. All of them promise a lot but few deliver and the ones that do, don't actually offer the miraculous results I'm looking for. But I'm not delusional, if I want perfection I know that I better get a plastic surgeon on speed dial. Instead, I will wait a few years {or ten} and try to make the situation better for the time being.

Right now, my skincare routine is geared towards winter and trying to beat back my cursed dry and irritated skin. I don't use all of these products every day, but most of them make it into my daily routine at least two or three times a week.

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With a 5 month old, I don't really have the energy to spend forever trying to get my makeup off at night before I go to bed especially when I spend so much time just going through the routine. My answer to this has been the Sephora Triple Cleansing Micellar Water. This product is 100% a Holy Grail item. It removes makeup extremely quickly and more importantly, gently, allowing me to move on to the next skincare step in no time. A plus is that it's a no rinse formula so you can go straight from makeup removal to cleansing and exfoliating without an extra step. The Sephora Micellar water comes in three sizes- 1.69oz, 6.76oz, and 13.5oz so it's easy to take with you wherever you go!

I've also experienced a bit of flare-up's in terms of blemishes since the birth of my son. Since my skin does lean on the dry side, I don't need a strong toner that will irritate my skin further. The Lush Tea Tree Water is the answer to my issues. It's a very gentle toner that can be used twice daily without any irritation whatsoever. I also find that it's an extremely refreshing yet calming product. I love the way it feels on my skin after I cleanse with my Clarisonic. You only need a few spritz on a cotton pad or your hand to reach your entire face so the $22 for this product is really nothing when taking into consideration how long it will last. An added bonus is that it really does help diminish redness and it's vegan!

I'm not really going to get much into the Clarisonic. Every girl worth her salt has one and those that don't, get your booty over to here and pick one up! As I mentioned earlier, there are some products that I don't use everyday and this is one of them. I use my Clarisonic twice a week as I find that it does really dry out my skin even using the sensitive brushes. However, it is brilliant at removing dry patches and brightening up dull skin. I tend to use my Clarisonic Gentle Hydro Cleanser or Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser with this product. Both work beautifully with and without the Clarisonic!

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Being a Target junkie, I'm always there browsing through the makeup aisle's because really.... it's a fantastic way to just lose yourself and forget your worries. One section that I adore in that little slice of peace is the Boot's section of skincare and makeup. I've long loved their Beautiful Skin Cleansing Oil and their Rosewater Toning Water so I thought that I would try out their brightening line. I. LOVE. IT and here's why. It's literally no nonsense. This product does exactly what it says. It takes of any leftover makeup that I may have missed with my micellar water. It leaves the skin super soft and bright and most importantly- clean feeling. This product will wake you up like nothing else! Just becareful to not get it into the eye. If it does, it burns like a mother! At less than $7 it's a total 'must buy' item for a girl looking for an all around cleanser. P.S. don't use it with the Clarisonic.... it's way too foamy and you will look like Santa from all the bubbles. ;)

Another no brainer is the much touted Kiehls Creamy Avocado Eye Treatment. Honestly, this stuff does the job at helping moisturize, de-bag, and lighten under those peepers of yours. I use this religiously- every morning, every night, and sometimes during the day if I can manage a nap while Ben is resting. You put it on and BAM! hello hydration and alertness! Plus, you literally only need a dab on your finger for each eye so a little goes a SUPER long way. It is available in two sizes- 0.5oz and 0.95oz. I tend to puchase it in the smaller size as it's half the cost and I'm afraid that it would expire if I bought the larger jar as it takes so little to do the job. Here's a tip, on your next trip into the store, ask the employee for some sample packets of this to take with you on trips. The ladies in the store are just lovely and are always giving little extras if you talk to them about your interest and love of their products.

When it comes to moisturizing my skin, I feel like I use something different every week or so depending on the condition of my skin. For several years I've been a devoted lover of Josie Maran Argan Oil so when the whipped body butter came out, I was super excited. Now, they do not recommend that you use this on your face as it's formulated for use on the body, but I turn to this when my skin is super dry and chapped. A lot of people say that it is too thick and too oily, will clog your pores, etc. if you use it on your face. I have absolutely no issues when using this on my face. I don't find it to be a thick, sticky, or overly oily product. It could be that my skin drinks in moisture like a man dying of thrist in the Sahara, but I really love this on the days that my skin needs something more. The whipped body butter comes in, I believe, 10 different scents and two different sizes- 2oz and 8oz. I don't really have a preference on which size I buy as both will be used.


If you read my blog, a couple of months ago in my fall edit I mentioned a this Polynesian Monoi Radiance Oil from the Body Shop. I had originally purchased it with the intent to use it only in my hair. However, since purchasing it (and losing my daily H20 moisturizer one afternoon) I grabbed this and figured, why not? This stuff is totally the bomb. It's lightweight yet offers substantial moisture and protection as well as a radiant glow. If you decide to try this you will absolutely not be disappointed. However, you should pick this up soon as I believe the Spa of the World line is a limited edition line!

My go to cleaner on the days that my skin is just out of whack is Lush's Herbalism. This product balancs the skin out like nothing else. It's a gentle exfoliator that you can use daily. I don't tend to use it on a daily basis as it's quite messy to use and I just don't have time to clean up the mess that gets left behind, but on the days when I need it... oh it's a life saver! Right now it is out of stock on their website so I'm not sure if they have discontinued it or if it's just out of stock. However, I got a new tub of this for Christmas from the hubbans so I think it's safe to say that they will continue to sell this!

My last product that I want to share with you is my Nivea Lip Butter. I use this stuff religiously to keep my lips moisturized and chap free. It's inexpensive, works like a dream, and smells divine! What more can you want out of a lip balm?

As always, thank you for reading and I will see you soon!

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