I feel like one of the things I'm saying constantly now is 'who's ready for fall?'. LOL. Seriously, I think I have been saying it on an almost daily basis for the last few weeks. Why? Because I'm ready for fall!!!

This year is going to be a little different of a fall season for me. Having lived in Upstate New York for the past 5 years, I have most definitely gotten used to the nature's showcase that is New England fall. But, being in Florida, I'm pretty sure that the only fall splendor I will see is a hurricane at most and dead leaves at the least. I'm definitely not expecting the stunning colours and gorgeous chill in the air. And, I'm actually kind of sad about it.

But, you can't dwell on the I wishes so I'm going to make the best of it and bring fall to Florida in my own house and keep it going in my wardrobe- even if I end up dying of heat stroke! I will not give up my boots! Hands in the air if you agree!

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1. J Crew Factory Merino Pocket Tunic | 2. Brahmin Hudson Convertible | 3. Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Pecan Waffle 3-Wick Candle | 4. Steve Madden "Jaime" Booties | 5. American Treasure Druzy Rings

Pockets are everywhere this fall and the J Crew Pocket Tunic is just what mother nature ordered for the season. It's a bit on the high range for affordable fashion, coming in at $98, but I think this one will definitely be a purchase that I make during a sale with my 30% off card. PS- if you don't participate in the third purchase/thirty percent off card, you should definitely do so. If you are a frequent factory shopper {I know I'm in constantly} this card is a must have in your wallet.

I have never been a fan of Brahmin. Like honestly, I have hated it with a passion, but their new fall line has totally changed my way of thinking. I took my step daughter Homecoming shopping the other day at Macy's and happened across the Brahmin display as I walked in the door. Let me tell you, these bags are breathtaking! Like literally, heart stopping, smell the leather GORGEOUS! The Hudson Convertible is currently on my 'must bargain with the husband' list!

My absolute favourite candle ever from Bath and Body Works is the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle candle. This is a relatively new candle {only on it's second fall season} but it is a must have. If you love the smells of fall and want amazing throw, this is definitely the one for you! I don't know what else to say about it except for pumpkin + pecans + waffles. Really? No words necessary!! OH, and by the by, these candles are currently on sale for 2 for $22 so stock up!!

I'm still kinda new to booties. Each year I buy a pair, but don't usually wear them. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore them but I never can seem to quite get the look I'm going for with them. Having loved several pairs of my Steve Madden boots, I'm thinking that the Jaime booties might be the booties that can finally catapult me towards perfect fall fashion. Well, I don't know if that's how it will go, but I'm really loving these and can see them working with so many outfits.

Druzy pieces have kinda been all over the place since spring and I definitely see them making their way into fall as well. And, these three rings from Wayfair are the sure fire way to transition them with the season. The neutral colours and the brushed gold frame are exactly the pieces to pull togetheer an outfit while adding a little bit of sparkle. I want to say that the set is $65 so not really too bad when compared with the Kendra Scott ones.

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You will have to forgive me for not including the new 'My Burberry' perfume from Burberry into the graphic. Sometimes we forget ourselves and are just too lazy to redo. I'm really wanting to try out this new perfume. I'm a massive fan of all the Burberry perfumes and I have a feeling this one isn't going to disappoint either. I don't think it's quite a fall perfume as it's advertised as a "London garden after the rain" but I've found that most Burberry perfumes tend to be more fall scented and less 'floraly' in my opinion.

So, there you have it, my fall cravings! Let me know what's on your shopping list!!! As always, thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow! xoxo

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