Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield

Sometimes there are no words for just how much I appreciate and love my husband. I am always afraid that the day will come when we stop knowing who each other really is. But, after almost 10 years, I'm coming to find that with each passing year, I love him more than ever before. He constantly amazes me with how well he listens and how well he knows me. Honestly, he overwhelms me sometimes with his giving spirit, unwavering love and listening capabilities.

So, it shouldn't have come as a surprise ( I screamed in excitement) that I opened this Daniel Wellington watch for Valentine's Day. I have been talking about them now for a few months and have been wanting one like crazy. One picture of a couple holding hands with matching watches just sold me. I had to have one and he delievered in his usual style!

Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield | Available for Purchase here

The watch I received is the Daniel Wellington Classy Sheffield. It has a gorgeous leather band, an elegant eggshell face, rose gold rim, and stunning swarovski crystals in the place of traditional numbers. It's such a classic piece and I can't wait to purchase other bands for it, especially for the summer. I can tell that this will only be the begining of my love affair with these watches. I plan on purchasing the Classic Bristol Lady for myself and the Classic St. Andrews for Daniel for our 10 year anniversary!

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