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This post was sponsored by Eva NYC and Costco. I did receive these products to review, however, all opinions stated herein are my own.

It's been a while since we have addressed the hair issues currently going on with yours truly and let me just give you a warning... it's not pretty.

Since Ben was born {hello 7 month old cutie} my hair has been a disaster of epic proportions. No lie, everytime my stylist gets ahold of my hair she just shakes her head, crosses her fingers, and hopes that the damage to my hair is coming to an end. My locks are dry, dull, frizzy, and just lacking in health from the hormone withdrawl and dry winter. And for hair that's already mostly out of control with waves and curls spread all willy nilly it's pretty much hair-mageddon.

Lucky for me, and my hair, Eva NYC has released some pretty great products to get my tresses back on the road to recovery with their Clean It Up Shampoo and Soften Up Conditioner. These products are infused with Keravis Protein and Argan Oil.

evanyc, evanycmostwanted, beauty blog, beauty blogger, haircare

Now, before you get sidetracked by the gogreous packaging (guilty) here's why these ingredients are so important. Keravis Protein is clinically proven to strengthen your hair. I can definitely say that this is not a bunch of mumbo-jumbo selling point nonsense. Breakage has become less of a problem for me since using these products! The amount of hair lining my shower and brushes has gone down significantly with every wash. I'm also just chuffed to bits to not see lots of hair caught up in my hair tie when I pull it out.

As for the Argan Oil, that's a bit of a no brainer as we all know by now just how nourishing and revitalizing it is for the skin and hair as it's jam packed with Vitamins A and E.

The only thing I have to say about the Clean It Up Shampoo and Soften Up Conditioner is that the smell can take a bit of getting used to. If you are familiar and use oil based beauty products on a regular basis then the scent is quite familiar to you. However, if you are not on a first name basis with beauty oils, the smell might take a bit of getting used to. The shampoo and conditioner has a very warm, romantic scent that is simply wonderful for this time of year.

evanyc, evanycmostwanted, beauty blog, beauty blogger, haircare

Another product that I'm currently in love with, like seriously... we're going steady, is the Freshen Up Dry Shampoo. I never in a million years, thought that I would find a dry shampoo that I love as much as love my DryBar Detox but this dry shampoo has converted me. This bottle of goodness leaves absolutely no white residue on my freshly dyed brunette hair. It also does a bang up job of removing excess oil, which for me is a total win since I still haven't managed to get back into a daily shower routine since the little guy came home. I miss my lengthy showers like crazy, but this stuff is getting me through quite fantasitcally and giving me some pretty awesome two (sometimes 3) day hair!

Eva NYC has just launched with Costco as part of their Beauty Most Wanted program making it super easy to get ahold of. You can purchase the Clean It Up Shampoo ($9.99), Soften Up Conditioner ($9.99), and Freshen Up Dry Shampoo ($11.99 plus bonus 1oz travel size bottle) at all Costco BMW locations and select Costco locations across the US , as well as the Costco website.

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