Bring On The Brights

I'm going to start off today's post with a bit of a rant against Mother Nature!! For the past couple of days the weather has been giving me severe whiplash! I'm talking like it started out a few days ago in the 60's which was perfect Spring weather! It meant that I could open up the windows, let some fresh air into the house and walk outside in pretty much whatever I wanted to wear! The next two days Spring was completely forgotten and the temps jumped up to 70-80! It was so hot that I had to turn the AC on, and let me tell you, our house is 120+ years old and has only been partly upgraded so it's wall units. No Fun! So after two days of sweltering heat I woke up this morning to nice 60 degree temps again and ready for the Bring on the Bright's challenge. Yeah, the great temperature last all of ten minutes!

Green chiffon dress

Dress: TJ Maxx | Necklace and Clutch: Forever 21 | Belt: NY&Co. | Nails: Essie Fashion Playground

Within about 10 minutes of taking my picture and feeling great about the weather, it started raining. And, you know I'm not talking about a spring shower! I'm talking like torrential downpour rain! It. Was. Nuts! So, with nothing to do about it, I pulled out my favorite wellies and decided to just luxuriate in the fun of a rainy day and went to play in the puddles with my little one.

Black hunter wellies

We had so much fun! My dress was absolutely soaked and will definitely be taking a little trip to the dry cleaner due to the mud but it was awesome! I love when you can actually wear your Hunter's for their intended purpose and boy did I! By the time we came in, when I dumped out the water, there was at least an inch of water floating around in them. Crazy, but so fun!

But, don't think it was all fun and games! It didn't take much longer after we came in the house that the temps dropped by 20 degrees! Seriously, what is going on! Since it was still raining, those fun drops quickly turned into snow! I couldn't believe it! Mid-April and there is snow and ice on the ground. Let me tell you, I was not pleased.

snow in april

By the time I went to bed there was three, yes THREE, inches of snow! I really wish that Mother Nature would get her act together and just give us one season at a time! Honestly, we had winter, spring, summer, and fall this week! That's pure insanity!

But, at least I loved my fun outfit for the day. My daughter told me that it reminded her of a popsicle. Very nice! LOL So, what about  you? Did you get snow today or this week? Are you as ready for spring as I am?

As always, thank you for reading my lovelies!

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