Shopping Haul J Crew Factory and Gap

If there was ever a weekend to hit the outlets, this weekend would have been it. For under $120 I made out like a kid in a candy store. I ended up purchasing four pair of shorts and two tops from J Crew Factory and three tank tops from Gap Outlet.

shopping haul

But, how did I do it for under $120? To start, Gap was having a 70% off sale. I knew I wanted to pick up some tank tops because it's just so HOT here in Florida. Although, I'm not a fan of my arms, I knew if I went for stripes, the size of my arms wouldn't be as noticeable because all the focus would be on my torso.

Each of these tank tops were under $5 which was a fabulous deal! I love how simple they are and just how well they fit. I could have bought more {especially the white with orange anchors} but I knew that I was going to hit J Crew so taking it easy on the bank account was a must. So, without further dallying, I was off into the land of all things preppy!

Now, like I said, I spent very little money for all that I got and here is where I hit the maximum savings. J Crew Factory was having a sale, like a MAJOR sale. Clearance items were an additional 50% off, shorts were 40% off, and to top it all off, you saved an additional 15% off your entire order!

J Crew Factory Chino Shorts

My first stop in the store {after breathing a collective sigh that I was in my home away from home} was the shorts. Coming from Upstate NY to FL and only wearing shorts for one month out of the year there I have been on a shorts buying spree. It's so SO hot and humid in Florida and as much as I love my jeans, it's just too hot most days.

My first two picks were these lilac shorts and the salmon. They were $39.50 marked down to $19.97. With the additional 50% off of clearance items, these shorts ended up being $10 a piece giving me a savings of $59!!! Not bad. My next selection were these fun blue and green shorts. These were $39.50 with 40% off making them $23 a piece. I ended up saving $33 on both pair. Again, not bad.

J Crew Factory Emerald Pool Top

My next purchase was entirely a suprise and completely not planned. When I went into J Crew I had the intention of purchasing the Botanical Bird print shorts as my outlet was supposed to have some in my size in stock. This did not work out for me since they ended up only having the phone case {FYI J Crew Employees, a phone case is most definitely not a pair of shorts} in this print and since I have a Samsung, not an iPhone, it totally wasn't going to jive. Without being too bummed though, I moved on and happened across the Emerald Pool print top. I have been totally crushing on this print since it came out in the spring. And, with fortune smiling upon me there was ONE left and in MY size! Even better, this $74.50 top was on clearance for $39.97 and with the additional 50% off it ended up being $19!! Another score! So, on this top alone I saved over $50!!!

J Crew Popover

My last purchase from J Crew was this Plaited Popover which will be featured in a post coming up in collaboration with Ellen from The Oxford Guide! This top was originally $64.50 and marked down to $29.97. With additional percentage off it ended up coming to $15 for a total savings of $50!! Wohoo!!!! I of course haven't added in the additional 15% off the full purchase {that's just too much calculator time} so I'll leave that to you. ;)

Kate Spade Bow Bangle

With all my savings, I totally felt justified in picking up this little Kate Spade gem! I just adore little bows and this girl was just begging to come home with me where she would be loved and adored.

All in all, I think I did an amazing job at the outlets and was so happy with what I did buy that I didn't feel the need to even hit up the other stores. Well, I guess I should say that I didn't want to make my husband and daughter wait any longer for me to scour Banana Republic and Off Fifth. Sooo... I did a masterful job of pretending that I was beyond thrilled with my purchases {which I was} and called it a day!

I hope you enjoyed my haul and let me know in the comments below how you made out this weekend! As always, thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow love bugs!! xoxo

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