Ask any shopaholic and they will tell you that the best sales to shop are Aftter Christmas, Semi Annuals in July, and Labor Day. Why? Because that's when the shops are getting rid of their current season's lines and making way for the next season. So, you can pretty much already guess that I shopped for Labor Day!

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fashion blogger, j crew tank top, shopping haul, summer shopping

This year I hit the outlets on the way out last weekend for our mini vaca. I'm currently having a massive love affair with the outlet mall because it's so close. Seriously, we are talking like 10 minutes away from my house. For everyone who loves to shop and doesn't have some of the stores {ahem, J Crew, Kate Spade} around them, you know just how amazing this is!

fashion blogger, american eagle shorts, summer shorts, summer style

fashion blogger, american eagle shorts, summer shorts, summer style

Most of the stores were having amazing sales. J Crew was doing a serious 40% off with an additional 50% off of clearance, Kate Spade was running 40% off with and additional 20% off of all purses. Okay, I might as well stop here because that's where I spent the majority of my time. To sum it up, the sales were wicked good and I stocked up on a few necessities!

fashion blogger, kate spade bangles, kate spade bow bangle

kate spade bag, kate spade blue purse, kate spade amy

My best picks though were from Kate Spade. I picked up my Amy crossbody bag and a new bow bangle. For both pieces I spent less than $100 which I think is amazing. When you love little treats, picking them up in one of the holiday sales is the best!

As always, thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow! xoxo

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