Look For Less Gap Stripe Oxford

Gap: Fitted Boyfriend Oxford (here)

I have recently been changing my mind about doing a spot of shopping here and there at Walmart. In the past few months, I've been seeing some amazing dupes the past few months (J Crew Herringbone Dupe, anyone?) and have been itching to try shopping there again. I mean, really, how much do I need a $50 shirt when I can find one perfectly similar for less than $20.

So, enter this awesome Gap dupe!

Walmart : Faded Glory Striped Shirt (here)

This shirt has been making it's rounds on Instagram and honestly, I'm really considering buying it this weekend as well as two gingham shirts! It's the perfect spring/summer shirt. The material is lightweight and at $40 less than the Gap price, I think it's a great deal. From the pictures, not only are the stripes a bit bigger (which I love) but it seems that the fabric is a bit lighter too! Plus, how cute would this top look with a pair of peach or coral pants? LOVE!!

So, tell me, have you seen anything at Walmart that is changing your mind about shopping there? Have you purchased anything from there that you absolutely adore? Let me know in the comments below!

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