Look For Less J Crew Gingham

J Crew really knew what they were doing when they made gingham fashionable for women over the age of 12! Since these shirts became available, they have gone off the shelves like flies, finding loving homes in every fashionista's closet. And who wouldn't want one? They are crisp, colourful, fun, and go with everything! Both J Crew and J Crew factory came out with a version of this oxford, but at $75 and $40 (on sale), they can be quite pricey when trying to fill your closet with them.

Lucky for you I have come to the rescue with a few affordable alternatives to these must have shirts!

The first option would be from Joe Fresh. You can get these oxfords at JC Penney, right now on sale for $19.99. They come in 5 colours- coral, green, blue, lime, and pink. They are fabulous and feel like quality pieces. I think they will hold up well in the wash and will continue to hold their shape. I haven't purchased them yet, but they will be making an appearance in my closet in just a few short weeks.

Another option would be Ralph Lauren. I've seen gingham shirts at three different TJ Maxx's on clearance for $20. You can also score these shirts on ebay for around the same price. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about washing and drying them as Ralph Lauren consistently delievers on quality pieces that should last you for several years.

My last suggestion for these shirts is your local Old Navy. I've seen these circulating online and in stores for around $14 to $20. There are not as many colours available, but the fit will be great- not too loose and not too tight. They can be a bit hard to come by, but if you are diligent, you should be able to find one for a quarter of the price of J Crew.

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