Look For Less J Crew Sweater

One of my favorite pieces from this seasons J Crew collection would be the Jeweled Chandlier Sweatshirt! Have you seen it? It's unbelievably amazing!! It's a mix of comfort, sparkle, style, and just all things GORGEOUS!! With it's hand sewn jewels, rich design, and perfect fit that we have come to expect, there are hardly any negatives. In fact, there is only one thing that could deter someone from purchasing the creme de la creme of sweaters- the price. At $168, it's quite the hit to the bank account!

Fortunately, several retailers have come up with their own versions of this staple item that will allow you to have the look for less! If your looking to save money, check out these available sweatshirts. I have purchased the one from Forever 21 and am so happy I did! I can tell that it will be a staple in my wardrobe for many years to come!

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