Look For Less J Crew Tilda

Nothing makes me happier than a good dupe! When J Crew released their Tilda top, I literally almost fainted at the beautiful and sparkly sight before me. But, I couldn't rationalize the cost. $110 for a shirt just offends my budget babe sensibilities. So, when Kohls released their version of the top from Elle, I knew I had to have it. I paid $14, giving me a savings of $96!!

J Crew Tilda $110 | Sold Out

Now, there are some differences in the two blouses. To start, the Tilda is sleeveless while the Elle version has full sleeves. I personally like the long sleeves because I am not a huge fan of showing my arms, but, if this is an issue, it is only a few dollars worth of alterations to have them removed. Or, if you are sewing savvy you should be able to do it yourself.

The other area where the blouses differ is in the collar. On the Tilda, the rhinestones are placed all around the collar where as on the Elle version they do not circle the entire collar. Again, not a big issue for me as I tend to wear my hair down.

All in all I think the Elle blouse is gorgeous and I'm so pleased that I picked it up and saved the money so that I could splash out of this Merino wool sweater that I'm wearing from J Crew! So, what about you? Did you purchase the Elle blouse? How much did you pay for it and are you pleased with the quality? Let me know in the comments below! xoxo

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