I don't know about you ladies, but my husband is a pain in the rear end to shop for. Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, Easter.... all holidays are a struggle for me when it comes to finding a great gift for my husband that says, "honey, I totally appreciate you". And of course, as many of you know, when you ask your significant other what they would like it's always the same response "don't get me anything", "all I need is you", or my favourite "I'm going to buy you an awesome gift and you will feel bad for only getting me a card".

Okay, so my husband never says the last one, that's just how I tend to feel every freaking Valentine's Day when he surprises me with some little extravagence that I mentioned months ago and am so shocked that he remembered!

This year though, that's not going to happen to me and to make sure it doesn't happen to you, I'm sharing with you my foolproof Valentine's Day Gift Guide for the difficult man in your life!

In my house you can almost always see my husband setting there with his phone in his hand ready to take a picture of whatever is going on at the moment. I honestly can't tell you how many photo's he has of Alex at her tennis lessons or of Ben taking a bite of baby food.While it's awesome that he's documenting everything under the sun, it kinda stinks a bit to look back at pictures only on a device. This Polaroid Instant Digital Camera can change all that. This camera has an on board printer so he can have that perfectly timed moment to put on his desk immediately. 

One gift that's sure to always please is a classic pair of aviator sunnies from Ray Ban. These sunglasses can take just about any type of abuse your loved one can throw at them and still look effortlessly cool. An added bonus to these is that if they do happen to get broken, you can take them in to get repaired or you can be 100% positive that you can find a replacement for them in any mall! This is huge because if your man is anything like my husband, once he loves something he will never buy something different again. And these have been around for like a million and a half years so they aren't going anywhere! 

For Christmas this year, I happened upon this amazing cologne from Mont Blanc at Dilliards. I had absolutely no clue that they made any other items besides writing utensils so imagine my surprise when Alex picked this up and handed it to me. Oh my stars, if you like your man to smell expensive and yummy, this is the scent you must buy! To me it smells like expensive wool, fine leather, suits and ties, and dark haired mystery man. In all honesty, it's the dream guy scent of your wildest fantasies. Yes, it's that good.  I guess you could technically call this more of a gift for you that your s/o will love just as much.

North Face Fleeces, enough said. You can never have enough of these during the fall and winter seasons.

So my husband is a workaholic who works from home but also has to visit clients on occasion. Now, you can usually catch him at home in a geeky t-shirt of some kind and a pair of cargo shorts. But when he goes out for business he does need to dress up a little bit and nothing looks worse than a backpack with a nice outfit and shoes. To solve that issue, a great messenger bag is the way to go. And ladies, if the male in your life is one of the good ones who doesn't bat an eyelash at the cost of your bags, make sure that you repay the favor with a good quality leather one!

These fun whiskey glasses are sure to impress with their ultra cool factor. To use these you fill the silicon mold and freeze. When it's all frozen take it out and place it in their favourite beverage for a long lasting ice cube that cools their drink evenly without watering it down.

KJP bracelets are the perfect accessory for any guy who has the soul of New England within them. The braided leather is timeless and the quality is superb. For an extra touch, buy yourself the matching one for a two in one V Day gift!

My husband is rough on his trainers. With multiple tennis matches a week paired with his Couch to 5k, he is going through shoes like water. The Nike Free 5.0's are excellent for almost all activities and hold up extremely well under pressure. These trainers are lightweight and extremely breathable so they won't get tired as quickly and smelly feet shouldn't be much of an issue. They also come in a wide assortment of colours so you can find a pair that suits his personality to a T.

If your goal is to put a smile on his face every morning, you can't go wrong with a witty coffee mug. I personally love this mug from Trixie and Milo. My husband is a coffee aficionado and is also, for lack of a better phrase, a smart ass! If tv, games, and movies are the thing in your house Think Geek has a tonne of options ranging from Dr. Who to The Legend of Zelda.

To round out the guide a nice pair of Bose noise cancelling headphones is a great idea for the guy who works out or is on the phone alot. If your man has an issue with time, get him a classic Daniel Wellington watch to help him keep to a schedule while still looking classic. And, for the guy that we all know... a Star Wars shirt is always a welcome gift to open!

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