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For the past few weeks I've been having a massive craving for Sperry Topsiders. With summer in full swing, my feet are really taking a beating. I love my sandals and wedges, but, let's just be brutally honest here.... summer shoes are not kind to your feet. Nope, they're not. Most days, after being out for hours, my feet are killing me and generally just leave with the uncontrollable urge to scrub my poor heels raw.

Pained tootsies in mind, I knew that it was time to find a great shoe that fit my style and personality while still being comfortable. Enter Sperry Topsiders. After two weeks of hunting online I had a pretty good idea that these shoes might be just what I was looking for in a summer shoe and boy was I right.

women's sperry topsider

Sperry Top-Sider Bahama Eyelet

So, like any girl worth her salt, I attempted to talk my husband into getting me a pair. This took a bit of work as he is still a bit sore at me after adding up my shoe purchases for the past six months and realizing just how little I've actually worn said shoes. Since then, I've {technically} been on a no shoe buy. But, since I'm well loved he agreed if I could find a pair under $50. Easy peasy!! I took myself to Marshalls and found these gems for only $30!

eyelet sperry topsider

Besides being a fabulous deal, they were also the shoe that I wanted. The eyelet is a bit of a hard pattern to find and while they are currently available on the Sperry website for sixty dollars, I was very shocked that Marshalls happened to have a pair in the navy {only one} and in my size. I also really liked the creme colour as well but I really felt that the navy would be more suited to my casual outfits as they usually tend to lean more towards blues, greens, and whites.

These shoes are absolutely sublime. They are comfortable, look great {especially with stripes}, and are very well suited to hot weather. I can tell that these will be on my repeat buy list. I'm definitely thinking that I will also want to pick up a pair of the Angelfish ones in the near future.

As always, thanks for reading and I will see you tomorrow! Don't forget to get your submission in for the new Style Confessions Link-up party hosted by Lindsay and I! The link up will be opening on Thursday with the theme "Stars, Stripes, and Fireworks"! I can't wait to see your styled fourth of July outfits!

**Update: I'm happy to report that I wore these shoes to Disney and the outlets all weekend and they were great. No blisters {I used moleskin on the heels}and no aching feet. Score!!!

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