Perfume can be a tricky thing to get right. Sure some scents are just all around great ones that smell fabulous on everyone and then there are some that, although they smell amazing in the bottle, they can be a downright disappointment when worn. And, when you're splashing out quite a chunk from your bank account it's good to know that you're getting some good bang for your buck.

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Lancôme La Vie Est Belle

First- my absolute favourite perfume of all time, Lancome's La Vie Est Belle. This scent, to me, is female perfection in a bottle.

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I'm not a perfumer so I definitely can't tell you all the notes and levels and what have you, but I can give you a list of terms that come to mind when smelling it on the skin. Are you ready? Here we go- coy, dainty, shy, sweet, modest, layered, delicate, complex, joyful, beauty. The only way I can truly describe it to you is like watching a scene in a movie, you know the one, where a dashingly handsome man can't take his eyes off the woman ordering a coffee. She walks by, glancing at said hottie under her eyelashes with a soft smile in the corner of her mouth. Yeah, kinda like that. If that scene was a scent, this perfume would be it.

La Vie est Belle is available in several sizes ranging in cost from $25 to $198. I would suggest trying out the rollerball first and then splashing out on the super big bottle because it's that good!

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Elizabeth & James Nirvana White

My second choice is a complete opposite of La Vie est Belle. Where La Vie est Belle is shy and delicate, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White is strong and confident. It's a definite opposite of scents that I usually like, but something about it just draws me in. Maybe it's the slight masculine hints to it or the luxurious and edgy feel to it, but I love it on the days when I need a confidence boost.

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Nirvana is available in two different scents- black and white. Apparently you are supposed to layer the scents or you can layer the scents to achieve some crazy spiritual enlightenment by joining the two. I have no idea what the girl at Sephora was talking about as she rambled about the duality of it for like ten minutes. I just wasn't a fan of the black so I didn't purchase or even contemplate mixing the two scents.

The two scents both have some amazing staying power with both of them lasting at least 10 hours. You can also count on the fact that one or two sprays of the perfume is more than enough with anymore being too overwhelming. So with the cost a bit up there on both perfumes, these will both go a long way in terms of use.

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